Sunday, March 22, 2015

Local SEO - Tips For Killing The Competition

Let me inquire you a question, how difficult would it possibly be for you to roll into the “mortgage” marketplace and rank well on the search engines? The reality is that for most decent search terms ranking well is actually hard. Flip that around and look at the very same search locally and suddenly ranking well gets easy and few people understand how much traffic that can really be (hint: done correctly it's rather a lot). This is the 1st part of a two-part article.

In this article I’ll explain tips on how to absolutely dominate local search by utilizing an example site to show what’s being done correct, what’s being done incorrect, and what he need to be doing to become the number 1 player within his market.

Recently i came across a small local business inside South Jersey run by a John Pepe He’s the tile installer, and if you do a search upon “south jersey tile installation, ” he’s the 2nd listing. To have his place, he does much less link building, PPC, advertising, and also everything else than the most recognized guy, or even another three people below them.

However, there are specific things that he could be doing far better that would permit him to trounce his competition and grow the number one tile guy within his area, both in terms of just how much he could charge and in what number of customers he had.

To begin with, let’s talk about exactly what he’s doing right so far.

1) He’s got the Google+ account, and he utilizes it. He’s constantly sharing images of his work. This makes links to his main site, and begins to give him some level regarding social engagement — however it could certainly be much better.

2) He has a Blogger blog, on that he also shares images of his work.

3) He posts images of his work on his main website so that it’s being regularly updated.

4) He does a bit social bookmarking, and his Superpages listing is usually up to date.

That’s it — right there, you have his overall link building program.

Doing exactly what I said above, he’s got over 100 readers on Google+ and more than 180 Twitter followers (and whenever they need tile installed, who do you consider they’re going to use? ).

That’s on the top of number two rank upon Google search, that will get him even more customers.

Understand something: in a few ways, he is already doing a lot better than the number one company, because he has the captive audience of over 100 folks that the other guys don’t.

Nonetheless, he’s certainly doing a few things wrong.

1) His site is type of ugly No two ways about this, it just looks extremely amateurish That alone stands a superb chance of chasing off of the best and highest having to pay clients. The very initial thing that he needs to perform is hire a graphic artist. For only all around $50, such an artist could make a better looking logo and also shift his site to some form of CMS. WordPress is what I’d use for just a business like his, especially given the obviously low amount of computer technical skill. That will assist his sitem look far better.

2) Other than a web link all the way down in the bottom to Twitter, his site doesn't have links to any other social sites with that he may have accounts — and since i have already linked to his Google+ account, clearly there’s just one there. He should become prominently giving links to Twitter, Google+, and Facebook; these links should always be “above the fold, ” nearby the top of the site. I would also include links to his SuperPages, Google Places, Yelp, CityVoter, and so forth listings Again, these should always be above the fold.

3) Zero “before” images. It’s good that he’s displaying what his work appear like, but showing what something seemed like before he started would likely help greatly, to give potential clients something with which to assess even better, he really should show pics of before, one-fourth the way via, three-fourth the way via, and completed. Better even than that might be a time lapsed video clip showing him do the complete installation.

Despite having those things “wrong, ” notice exactly how little he’s doing to basically crush it intended for his local market Nonetheless, let’s talk about taking him to another level In fact, let’s talk about dominating all the levels and turning him into the undisputed authority and also local kingpin of tile guys inside South Jersey (and through extension, you could follow exactly the same advice).

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