Tuesday, June 30, 2015

WP Engine Launches Automated Application For WordPress Site Migration

Recognizing exactly what a pain migrating websites may be, WP Engine, a SaaS content management method for WordPress, has launched an automatic migration application that helps users migrate existing WordPress sites to WP Engine’s platform.

WP Engine Automated Migration can be found as a plugin and can help users migrate WordPress sites in as low as 30 minutes by reducing the amount of technical steps, the company said within a statement on Monday.

The solution will even help prevent would-be consumers from abandoning their shopping cart because of the unexpected expense regarding WordPress migration. WP Engine claims its new solution reduces the expenses typically associated with a full website migration while eliminating the necessity to pay an additional vendor to move a user’s website from point A to point B.

As a promotion to begin its launch, WP Engine Automated Migration will likely be free for new customers exactly who sign up for annual personal, professional or even business plans with WP Engine.

“The length of time a migration normally takes will vary based on the amount of data that's transferred. The average migration takes lower than an hour, ” WP Engine said within a blog post. “For sites with a tiny bit of data, the migration could take as low as 30 minutes. If you’ve got a huge site with plenty of data, it could take up to twenty four hours. Even if the data transfer takes daily, the amount of work which falls to you will take just about two minutes. ”

Through simplifying migration, WP Engine must be able to convert more WordPress users to paid out users on its platform. Despite the fact that migration is actually free, annual plans even now cost $29 every month for the personal plan. This free migration does give a good incentive for WordPress users who've been looking for a far more managed service.

Just lately, WP Engine declared the Alpha project regarding WP Engine Search, powered through Elasticsearch, which is made to give users access to more exact search capabilities.

Within March, WP Engine closed a $23 mil funding round led through existing investor North Bridge Growth Equity, financing it plans to utilize towards its worldwide growth and product innovation tactics.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Increase Traffic To Your Blog Site From Search Engines - The Best 5 Tips

Your preferred thing about having a blog may shortly be this - they naturally catch the attention of search engine traffic.

Blogs have already optimized site structure. Most are setup with a obvious navigation, where every webpage is set up to link back to the other main webpages.

They likewise have the inherent potential to become well-linked.

In case you haven't already submitted to blog web directories, you are losing out on some great one-way back links. Many of the superior directories can be located on Robin Good? s Top fifty five list at MasterNewMedia.org.

However before you head over there and begin submitting, you ought to know a little about how exactly to optimize your blog. After that your new listings may help your site obtain the best keyword placement within the major search engines.

These are the top five tips for profitable blog site search engine optimization.

SEO Tip 1: # Profitable Keyword Choices

You do have a choice. You can target an overall high traffic keyword you've little chance of ranking well for and obtain barely any traffic.

Or you can aim for a keyword which gets a moderate amount of targeted traffic causing more subscribers and also sales. I prefer to call this a "profitable keyword".

Whatever you decide to call them, here is the most important thing: They might not get you the most traffic, however they often bring the most benefit.

You can be surprised to learn that there is not always a correlation between high targeted traffic and high sales. Probably the most profitable websites in the world obtain moderate traffic because their profitable keywords result in a higher ratio regarding visitors to buyers.

An up to date article in Information Week stated which the highest conversion rates via search engine traffic comes from individuals who do 4 word queries.

The best thing about your blog is that it may get so well-indexed which you have the potential to exhibit up for a variety of four word phrases which are relevant to your own industry.

It isn't only the four word phrases that obtain converting traffic - there are 2 and 3 word phrases that may bring you targeted traffic and sales.

Targeting your blog site discussion to a 2 or 3 word phrase which has a high yield of traffic, and however has little competition, isn't a dream of previous Internet days. Another recent research revealed that amazingly high percentages regarding search engine queries debuted as overdue as 2004.

So long as there are new developments, new items, services and trends, you will never have a shortage of these types of terms if you learn how to find out them.

SEO Tip 2: # Keyword Placement

Your blog may be set up to repeat the keywords that you'd like to target just enough periods to establish a theme.

You are able to take full advantage of this in the post titles, the category names, your pages URL names, or maybe a combination of Technorati tags and also the text of the permanent links which appear after every post.

SEO Tip 3: # Timely Posting

Instead of pinging at 15 minute time intervals when your site hasn't already been updated, or even pinging right after every single post, you can in fact get better results in case you update or ping only once during one of three nice spots within the day. Here's one which you can use today.

Check your website statistics. If you're obtaining spidered every 14 days or even regular monthly, you can increase your amount of spider visits by blogging within the anniversary of the time that the spider comes to your website. It takes a certain amount of monitoring, but you are able to often predict when the date of your very last spider visit was.

An even faster way is usually to ping at a time when the search engine spider is reading a webpage that carries your update. (This is usually a little harder to explain, as I've described, but I have a resource which explains this process in-depth at the site. )

SEO Tip 4: # Get Linked

Turn on your website feed(s) and make use of them to promote your site. Robin Good's guide might get you some great one-way links.

In case you sparingly include the profitable keyword you selected in tip 2 within your title and description, all those web page link backs will retain the keyword term you most want awareness for, which is normally noted through the spiders as they follow the link right through to your site.

Once there, if you utilize these along with other tips to skew your website a little more to the search-engine-friendly part, the synergistic effect is best, more lucrative traffic.

SEO Tip 5: # Frequent Updates

The more you publish, the more food for the search engine spider, which may cause the spider to react through splitting up its job into various visits, whereupon you've even more content, and so upon, until the search engine spider just adds you to a more regular schedule of returns.

As an example, my main website gets spidered several times every day by The search engines, and yet I can go a week with no update with not any change in spider visits. This means my webpages get indexed more regularly and my new pages appear faster.

Think of what which could do for the launch of your subsequent product.

You'll be pleased to know that you don't need to slave over long blog posts several times daily, all day long to obtain similar results through your blog. In reality, some blog software will let you setup your posts ahead of time, so that may have have posts show up daily even if you technically only blog once per month.

Bottom line: Some small changes to your blog may draw more search engine traffic with no turning off your site visitors. Done correctly, this provides your audience more of what they were in search of in the first place.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Multiple WordPress Plugins Susceptible To Potentially Dangerous Exploits

Multiple WordPress plugins have been updated to patch vulnerabilities which allow attackers to provide potentially dangerous commands in to the browsers of people visiting trusted web sites. Administrators responsible for WordPress sites really should make sure the fixes are installed as quickly as possible.

The particular cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities make it easy for hackers to concoct particular address URLs which inject client-side code into vulnerable Webpages viewed by visitors. Exploits may steal highly delicate authentication cookies, that give users access to their personal accounts while not having to enter a password. XSS attacks also can change the content inside of a vulnerable Web page. In conjunction with SQL injection exploits, XSS attacks are being among the most common class regarding attacks carried out on the web.

During the past few days, higher than a dozen WordPress plugins are actually updated to purge XSS vulnerabilities. In accordance with an advisory published by Web application security company Sucuri, they are:

1. Jetpack
2. WordPress SEO
3. Google Analytics by Yoast
4. All In one SEO
5. Gravity Forms
6. Multiple Plugins from Easy Digital Downloads
7. UpdraftPlus
8. WP-E-Commerce
9. WPTouch
10. Download Monitor
11. Related Posts for WordPress
12. My Calendar
13. P3 Profiler
14. Give
15. Multiple iThemes products including Builder and Exchange
16. Broken-Link-Checker
17. Ninja Forms

The vulnerabilities are the consequence of developers who misused two popular programming functions that transform or add query strings to URLs, specially add_query_arg() and also remove_query_arg(). Numerous developers mistakenly assumed the functions would certainly "escape, " or sanitize user input therefore it is safe to use. In reality they don't. For the functions to flee user input, they should be followed by functions like esc_url() or esc_url_raw(). This WordPress developer team offers more guidance here.

The plugins as listed above were updated included in a coordinated response after a blog post from a week ago that brought the XSS invasion hole to light. Sucuri among others then analyzed the top 300 approximately plugins and notified developers of these plugins found to become vulnerable. WordPress admins who use any one of them should ensure they've been updated in the past 7 days to patch the bug. It is likely that extra WordPress plugins remain somewhat insecure, so admins should study all plugins running on their site to ensure they aren't susceptible towards the same types of attacks.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wordfence Launches New Tool To Help WP Publishers Prevent Password Hacks

WordPress accounts for approximately one quarter of all Web sites on this planet, which means the most popular content management system consistently gets attacked.

Now, a Seattle startup through the name of Wordfence is seeking to help WordPress administrators prevent these attacks, and make guaranteed passwords are up to snuff.

The company — in whose security plug-in has been downloaded in excess of 5. 2 million times — currently is announcing a new tool which allows WordPress publishers and also admins to verify the potency of user passwords. To make this happen, Wordfence utilizes what is actually a “cracking cluster” of supercomputers to analyse password strength.

If the password strength shows up suspect, the tool offers features to enhance site security.

“Hackers today have accessibility to a tremendous amount of processing power by means of off-the-shelf computing hardware from vendors such as Nvidia and AMD. This hardware excels at parallel info processing and decreases the time needed to crack a password through orders of magnitude, ” mentioned Wordfence co-founder Mark Maunder. “To assist assure our customers along with the WordPress community are utilizing the strongest passwords possible, we’ve created our very own powerful cracking cluster with more than forty Teraflops of processing power so users can easily evaluate existing password strength plus more effectively secure their own sites. ”

Maunder actually put together the idea for Wordfence after his very own personal website was hacked within 2011. He fixed the matter, donated the code returning to a project to counteract similar exploits after which started Wordfence. Currently, he said this company’s technology prevents an average of 23 million attacks every day on WordPress. Maunder previously worked like a developer at Jobster, eToys and also the BBC.

The new password tool arrives embedded within the premium version of Wordfence, which costs $39 each year.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Local SEO - Tips For Killing The Competition

Let me inquire you a question, how difficult would it possibly be for you to roll into the “mortgage” marketplace and rank well on the search engines? The reality is that for most decent search terms ranking well is actually hard. Flip that around and look at the very same search locally and suddenly ranking well gets easy and few people understand how much traffic that can really be (hint: done correctly it's rather a lot). This is the 1st part of a two-part article.

In this article I’ll explain tips on how to absolutely dominate local search by utilizing an example site to show what’s being done correct, what’s being done incorrect, and what he need to be doing to become the number 1 player within his market.

Recently i came across a small local business inside South Jersey run by a John Pepe He’s the tile installer, and if you do a search upon “south jersey tile installation, ” he’s the 2nd listing. To have his place, he does much less link building, PPC, advertising, and also everything else than the most recognized guy, or even another three people below them.

However, there are specific things that he could be doing far better that would permit him to trounce his competition and grow the number one tile guy within his area, both in terms of just how much he could charge and in what number of customers he had.

To begin with, let’s talk about exactly what he’s doing right so far.

1) He’s got the Google+ account, and he utilizes it. He’s constantly sharing images of his work. This makes links to his main site, and begins to give him some level regarding social engagement — however it could certainly be much better.

2) He has a Blogger blog, on that he also shares images of his work.

3) He posts images of his work on his main website so that it’s being regularly updated.

4) He does a bit social bookmarking, and his Superpages listing is usually up to date.

That’s it — right there, you have his overall link building program.

Doing exactly what I said above, he’s got over 100 readers on Google+ and more than 180 Twitter followers (and whenever they need tile installed, who do you consider they’re going to use? ).

That’s on the top of number two rank upon Google search, that will get him even more customers.

Understand something: in a few ways, he is already doing a lot better than the number one company, because he has the captive audience of over 100 folks that the other guys don’t.

Nonetheless, he’s certainly doing a few things wrong.

1) His site is type of ugly No two ways about this, it just looks extremely amateurish That alone stands a superb chance of chasing off of the best and highest having to pay clients. The very initial thing that he needs to perform is hire a graphic artist. For only all around $50, such an artist could make a better looking logo and also shift his site to some form of CMS. WordPress is what I’d use for just a business like his, especially given the obviously low amount of computer technical skill. That will assist his sitem look far better.

2) Other than a web link all the way down in the bottom to Twitter, his site doesn't have links to any other social sites with that he may have accounts — and since i have already linked to his Google+ account, clearly there’s just one there. He should become prominently giving links to Twitter, Google+, and Facebook; these links should always be “above the fold, ” nearby the top of the site. I would also include links to his SuperPages, Google Places, Yelp, CityVoter, and so forth listings Again, these should always be above the fold.

3) Zero “before” images. It’s good that he’s displaying what his work appear like, but showing what something seemed like before he started would likely help greatly, to give potential clients something with which to assess even better, he really should show pics of before, one-fourth the way via, three-fourth the way via, and completed. Better even than that might be a time lapsed video clip showing him do the complete installation.

Despite having those things “wrong, ” notice exactly how little he’s doing to basically crush it intended for his local market Nonetheless, let’s talk about taking him to another level In fact, let’s talk about dominating all the levels and turning him into the undisputed authority and also local kingpin of tile guys inside South Jersey (and through extension, you could follow exactly the same advice).

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

3 Things Business Owners Need To Learn About WordPress

In just 8 short years, WordPress has become the most popular resource for web site design, powering 23% on the Internet. With its free platform, simplicity of use, community-based development, and also customization capabilities, the open-source content managing system (CMS) is showing no signs of reducing its growth.

So what should business owners learn about this power player?

1.  It’s not only for blogs anymore!

WordPress is historically known to be the "go-to" CMS for bloggers. Often periods, business owners feel that the CMS is exclusive to the user base, but in reality, most WordPress websites aren't blogs.

Business owners, journalists, blog writers and developers all create unique Web projects using WordPress. In fact, some of the most known sites include CNN, your National Football League, TechCrunch, and UPS to mention a few. Currently the platform is liable for more than 74 million sites on the internet today and this number is still growing by the minute.

3.  Customization for everyone

No matter exactly how technically knowledgeable you're, WordPress offers functionality to provide great customization for any kind of website. During the set up process, users have an opportunity to select a theme on the WordPress library offering in excess of 2,500 different choices. While this feature is ideal for designing an attractive in addition to properly functioning site, there is the chance that other websites will have a similar appear and feel to yours.

However, there are options to creating yours more unique and capable to stand out against the others. If you are at ease using plugins, some enable you to adjust the theme to fit your individual brand. On additional hand, coding knowledge can deliver complete control on the site. Adjusting via the web site backend leaves little limitation as to simply how much can be changed and also personalized.

3.  It’s never concluded

All great business owners know that there's always room for development. WordPress is no unique. As an open-source CMS, they depend on a community of developers and enthusiasts to aid evolve the platform. Several viewpoints, experience levels and ideas help make sure the newest and best concepts are implemented. Plugins and Themes are increasingly being updated regularly as bug fixes and also innovative concepts are increasingly being applied. Furthermore, the teams perform to introduce new versions of the CMS every 6 months approximately to deliver improved usability along with features. To date, there have been in excess of 100 versions.

Dominating the Web design place, WordPress has proven to be the most valuable tools for Web projects for everybody from restaurateurs, doctors, in addition to photographers to developers and also bloggers.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How To Make Money Off Your Blog Site

You pound on the keyboard every day, broadcasting your unalloyed truths towards the world (or at least to friends and family) by way of your blog. Unfortunately, earning such singular authority demands serious time and effort, and what begins as a hobby can quickly begin seeming like Job No. 2 -- sans paycheck. However haven't you heard? You can turn your Web log right into a digital cash cow. Simply choose among these strategies (but keep in mind that it's not all free money -- come duty season, Uncle Sam receives his fair share).

LET GOOGLE MEET YOUR NEEDS: Selling ad space could be the oldest way to make a buck, and with Google's free of charge AdSense service (www.google.com/adsense), it's way too simple. AdSense allows bloggers to show up to three content-specific "ad units" (boxes that may hold up to four ads each) per webpage. "If you're writing about sports vehicles, they'll be ads about sports vehicles, " says Biz Stone, Blogger senior expert in Google. Each time a visitor clicks these adverts, you get paid. Google doesn't disclose its exact share from the revenue, but a personalized report page lets you track your individual earnings. Earn at least $100 and Google AdSense‎ sends you a check.

PLAY AD-SALES EXEC: If you wish more control over the ads on your blog site, hit www.blogads.com. BlogAds lets you join its database free of charge and set your own ad prices. Companies (including media bigs like Paramount Pictures and Random House) then try to find suitable blogs and purchase ad space for the set period -- say, one month. In contrast towards the way AdSense works, your earnings don't depend on whether any reader clicks your ad. All you have to do is give 20 percent of the net revenue to Mr. BlogAd, and also you keep the rest. Probably best of all, you can indulge your own megalomaniacal tendencies by approving or declining potential adverts at will.

BE THE MIDDLEMAN: Numerous companies manage "affiliate" programs. Post an ad provided by Lands' End or Amazon.com, for example, and receive a small commission every period your readers click in which ad, go to the company's Web site and finish up buying a book or splurging over a down parka. Referral fees -- the money you get from these transactions -- vary (you can earn just as much as 10 percent per sale from Amazon). LinkShare (www.linkshare.com) statements to run the Internet's biggest "affiliate marketing network, " with in excess of 600 companies on its roster of advertisers. One more service, Commission Junction (www.cj.com), operates programs for eBay and Expedia. com, among some others.

PASS THE CUP: If you are toiling away to maintain a blog that individuals enjoy, why not ask your guests to exhibit a little monetary appreciation? The internet payment service PayPal (www.paypal.com) lets you add a donation button for your blog. You can choose to receive money in U. S. dollars, Japanese yen, Canadian dollars, pounds sterling or euros. When visitors provide money, PayPal sends you an e-mail to inform you about. Amazon's Honor System (www.amazon.com/honorsystem) and also BitPass (www.bitpass.com) offer you similar donation options.

SELL SCHWAG: Don't dig adverts? Uncomfortable asking for handouts? Then create your individual blog-branded gear at CafePress.com, that provides more than 50 products begging for the unique logo. Choose from standard fare like T-shirts and coffee cups, or, in case Grandma doesn't read your blog, opt for sexy thong under garment (ooh la la). You get to sell each product in whatever price your entrepreneurial cardiovascular desires. CafePress gets back an original base price ($13. 99 for T-shirts, $10. 99 intended for mugs); you keep your markup. Just add your web store's link to your blog, and all that's left to try and do is wait for CafePress to send out you a monthly check. See? It is practically like your genuine job. Mike Peed.

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