Thursday, February 12, 2015

Staying Motivated With Blogging – Work With Others

Regular posting is an important part of blogging for profit – I understand I can go a week or so without noticing too huge a drop in earnings – but if you’re attempting to build your readership as well as income regular and interesting posting is perfectly essential. Of course this specific takes discipline and inspiration. Susannah at Buzz Marketing has a good list to help you get motivated for the year regarding blogging ahead.

I do most of exactly what she suggests in her list but something else I’ve done a bit of lately is work along with others on posts and projects.

I find that blogging can be quite a lonely process at times – for starters the majority of my friends think I’m crazy and provide me the strangest look while i answer the ‘what do you do? ’ question with ‘I’m a blogger’ – however I also find that blogging can be very an isolating process – staring at your computer all day, studying, writing, reflecting and many others. Whilst as an introvert I really do enjoy time alone I also find that an excessive amount of it leaves me feeling rather lifeless and also unmotivated.

Recently I’ve began initiating relationships with a number of others with the particular view to entering into some common relationships. I find that when i do this it may be quite inspiring and energizing.

So find yourself a new blogging partner – it could be another blogger, or it could just be one of those folks that gives you one of ‘those’ looks whenever you mention the word ‘blogging’. You see someone who's new to the medium comes at it having a fresh approach, their own passions and interests and could possibly help you discover anything new about blogging.

In addition – I’m seeking collaborators at this time for blogging ideas as well as projects. I hope to get a bit more time this year to cooperate with some of you – so if you have a project which you think might be mutually best to us both let me know and we’ll observe where our conversation brings us to.

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